The Watch With a Feel For Natural

Steel -wood Watch, combining 

While the steel in Treecise makes our watches super-strong and ready for the rigours of modern life, the elegant and finely crafted wooden features make the timepieces exceptionally comfortable to wear and lightweight with it.

If you have a real feel for nature, purchase the watch that reflects this. A Treecise watch that features the beauty and uniqueness of hardwood from around the world.

Hardwood Watches That Are Easy On The Eyes

Treecise uses a variety of hardwoods from around the world:

African Rosewood

North American Olive Wood


Black Sandalwood

Why Treecise


This is a watch that has been carefully crafted for your wrist. Treecise defines a unique personality, and we hope that these unique features can be reflected on your wrist.

Treecise = tree + precise

Individuality and Originality

One of the coolest things about using wood is that each piece of wood has its own unique color and texture pattern. Each piece tells its own story, no two watches are the same!

The Face

This elegant surface is formed from finest sapphire crystal – beaten only by diamond in the hardness stakes. It’s renowned for its scratch and shatter resistance, so you can wear your watch wherever, without worrying too much about damage. The dial is made from wood marquetry, handcrafted in France for pure quality that you can see and feel.

The Mechanice

The watches in our steel-wood range are driven by Japanese Miyota technology, a Japanese company with a track record and reputation for offering reliable, accurate and high quality timepieces.

The Components

All are made from high quality 316L stainless steel – a steel alloy renowned for its unerring strength and resistance to corrosion. Want to know just how tough it is? It’s used in the construction of jet engines and tanks. That’s how tough.


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